New Deck & Fence

This is a good example of High Five Panel fencing. This galvanized wire makes great see through fencing or deck railing. Combined with simple wood railings it's a great cost effective yet classic modern look.

I like to have the panel powder coated with a dark color to blend in with the surroundings. It's 1/4 inch thick wire allows it to be used for trailing plants without the worry of wearing out. Notice the installation method into the posts and rails. This is the best way to attach the panel in my opinion. There's no "picture framed" wood stops to rot out in the future. This is a method I perfected on San Francisco Zoo projects in the 90's. For the stair railing pickets I use 1/2 inch rolled steel powdercoated to match the panel. Whenever the budget allows I like making the horizontal wood rails "3x4's" to give the fence extra durability in addition to having thicker wood for setting the panel into. This seems to make a difference in the fences longevity. As evidence, these pictures were taken almost 4 years after project completion.