Garden Arbor

A well designed and constructed garden arbor can add structure to an outdoor space. This arbor in Lucas Valley uses high quality wood and a traditional eastern style design to achieve a truly modern and classic look.

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Bath Remodel 2

Bringing nature inside is a common design theme today, and this bathroom is a good example. With a pebble floor and natural stone countertops, this bathroom provides a nice balance between clean design and natural elements.

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Bathroom Remodel

This Anderson home had an original bathroom which was over fifty years old and showing serious signs of age. Working with the owner, we came up with a plan to re-envision the space and bring it up to date while fixing many of the structural problems, including dry rot and plumbing issues.

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Anderson Remodel

Terra Linda, CA, just south of San Rafael, has a large number of homes that look like Eichlers, but are actually called Andersons. These homes were built during the same time period as the Eichlers and borrow many of the same design elements.

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